Project Engineering were approached by BHSL (, a Limerick based international green energy company to develop their patented Toploader material handling system. The innovative system is designed to store and dispense large volumes of biomass, agricultural and other difficult to handle materials that are not suitable for storage/handling with traditional hoppers, silos etc.

This product concept was acquired on license from the inventor but was only at the concept phase when BHSL approached the team at Project Engineering. Project Engineering were taken on board to fully develop the mechanical design of the product from the concept through to a fully functioning product.

The Project Engineering team worked closely with BHSL to gain a complete understanding of the required capabilities of the product and they began work by creating a digital prototype. Using digital prototyping techniques the Project Engineering team were able to create a moving 3D prototype of the product so that it’s functionality and ascetics could be reviewed by BHSL. Critical components and assemblies were analysed using FEA which allowed the design to be virtually tested for structural strength and functionality.

Digital prototyping allowed the design to be fine-tuned digitally before a physical product was manufactured and resulted in a considerable saving of time and investment.  The other significant benefit of creating a digital prototype is that the product design was highly evolved, detailed and developed without having to manufacture a number of expensive physical prototypes.

Project Engineering specialise in this type of product development work and thrive on bringing designs to reality. Their use of digital prototyping technology saves clients both time and money as the designs and components can be fully tested before they reach the production stage. If you have a product design or concept which you need to test, develop or modify, contact Colm O’Hagan from Project Engineering to discuss your project further on +353 429673996.