Project Engineering developed an interactive training aid and game to complement our client’s, O’Reilly Concrete, existing range of concrete sports walls. (Sports walls are concrete structures constructed for use as a training aid for sports such as hurling and football and handball.)

The system developed by Project Engineering provides a fun way to improve shooting and passing accuracy. Although initially developed for hurling, the system can be adapted to suit many different sports, including; soccer, GAA football and tennis.


The system consists of scoring zones which are fixed to a vertical wall. Each scoring zone is connected to a central control system. A software application has been developed to run on the control system.  When a scoring zone is struck a signal is sent to the control system, the software registers which scoring zone has been struck and assigns a score accordingly.

To play the game, the player stands back from the wall (5-8m), takes aim at a scoring zone, and strikes the ball. The player is awarded points when they successfully hit a scoring zone. More points are awarded for hitting the difficult scoring zones. The object of the game is to score as many points as possible within a one minute game.

Screen Shot No 1 Screen Shot No. 2

The software was designed to give an arcade game playing experience.  A touch screen interface is used to make the system robust and simple to operate.  The user inputs information and changes settings via the on-screen keyboard and buttons.

One of the main technical challenges of the project was detecting the ball strike (the ball is only in contact with the sensor for a few milliseconds).  This problem was overcome by using a very sensitive (yet hard wearing) material for the scoring mat and very fast sampling rate in the control system software.

Detecting the ball strike was only one of the many challenges encountered and overcome during a development process which culminated in a system that is simple to use, durable and provides a rewarding playing experience.

Project Engineering, working closely with our client O’Reilly Concrete, successfully brought this project from throw-in to the final whistle. To take the first step toward turning your concepts into reality contacts us and speak to one of our engineers.

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