At Project Engineering, we have recently been working on a very interesting project with company in the waste-to-energy sector.  We were engaged to advise on how to CE Marking their latest waste-to-energy plant.

After visiting the factory and an operational plant to gather information, we set about identifying the relevant EU Directives, Irish & European Standards.

A European Standards search revealed, that like many of the projects we have worked on, there were no European Product Standards (Type C Standards) for the plant (ie there is currently no standard specifically for waste-to-energy plants like the plant in question).

In the absence of a Product Standard we worked directly with the relevant European Directives and Fundamental Machinery Safety Standards (Type A & B Standards).

The EU Directives relevant to the plant were: 1. The Machinery Directive, 2. The Pressure Equipment Directive, 3. The Low Voltage Directive and 4. The EMC Directive.

After reviewing the requirements of each directive, we advised our client on some minor additions required to meet the essential health and safety requirements of each Directive.  We also advised our client on the type of testing required.

Documentation is a large part of the CE Marking Process. We assisted our client in preparing the necessary documentation to satisfy the requirements of each directive.

After the tests had been completed and the considerable documentation required had been compiled in to a Technical File, our client was in a position to issue a Deceleration of Conformity and place the CE Mark on their product. 
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