sketch1dLike most of our design projects this one started with a sketch. Our client, leading waste baler manufacturer MacFab Systems Ltd, sketched out their ideas and requirements for a new product. The new product would be deviation from MacFab’s existing range of waste balers and would be used to compact mixed waste material into a plastic bag.

MacFab engaged Project Engineering to assist them in developing this new product.  Once engaged we took the concept outlined in the sketches and developed it into a full digital 3Dmodel.  We carried out engineering design calculations and FEA on key components. We selected and sourced third party components such as motors, pumps, springs and electrical switch gear. We added the selected components to the model. At all stages of the design process we were mindful of European standards and directives. We implemented their requirements where relevant.


Regular meetings were held with MacFab to review the 3D model. Changes and tweaks were made at MacFab’s request. Once MacFab were satisfied that 3D model represented their concept, we began the process of producing manufacturing drawings.

A folder of detailed working drawings was produced. The folder included part, sub assembly and fully assembly drawings. A list of purchased components was also produced.

The drawings folder and component list were issued to MacFab, who in turn ordered the required components and began work manufacturing a prototype.


The prototype was manufactured, tested and reviewed. A number of slight changes were made, to improve performance and to optimise manufacturing efficiency, before settling on the final product design. The video shows the finished product in operation.

With the product now designed, we turned our attention to compiling the


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