Protecting intellectual property is a vitally important part of the product development process.

Intellectual property is essentially the creative ideas, inventions and design solutions that you have incorporated into your product. 

If appropriate protection of your intellectual property is not in place, the ideas, inventions and design solutions incorporated into your product can be copied by others once the product is in the public domain.

Intellectual property can be protected by registering patents, trade marks and designs. In Ireland registration and protection of intellectual property is administered by the Irish Patents Office.

Protecting intellectual property can be a tricky process and is a specialist branch of law practiced by Patent Attorneys. We are pleased to recommend NP Gordon & Associates, as our partners for intellectual property protection. In our opinion NP Gordon & Associates have the experience and expertise to robustly protect your intellectual property.

Contact us to talk to one of our engineers about developing your product. For detailed advice on protection of intellectual property contact NP Gordon & Associates.


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